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Server Rules

Post by Peace on Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:06 pm

-NO GRIEFING (Breaking blocks you didn't place, flooding with water or lava)

-NO VERBAL ABUSE (Don't be a jerk, no excessive swearing, no racism/sexism, etc.)

-NO EXPLOITS/HACKS (This includes: No flying, no game-altering mods, no use of exploits, etc.)

-NO BUILDING IN TOWNS W/O PERMISSION (Always ask for the mayor's permission before building within 500 blocks of a town.)

-NO MOOCHING (Don't be a beggar. By the way, if you read this, put the word "bacon" in your whitelist application.)

-NO RANDOM PVP (It has to be roleplayed. PvP must also be activated manually by each player.)

-NO UNSIGHTLY STRUCTURES (Take down any pillars you make, no pixel art)


-USE BRACKETS DURING RP (If you're speaking out-of-character (OOC) while there's an RP going on (official or casual), please use parenthesis or brackets.)

-COOPERATE WITH MODS (and admins, of course. Please comply with their orders.)

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