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Town Rules

Post by Peace on Mon Apr 07, 2014 11:52 pm

Town Rules

1) Towns must have 5 active residents*

2) These residents must be active in roleplay for 2-4 weeks after the town is applied for on the forums. ( Use the application here. )

3) All these residents must be in good standing with the server

4) All these residents must be ready to move and have this town be their main town.

5) The town has to have a minimum of the following items: A message board, a town hall, a rule board, a guard station, as well as a home for everyone of it's residents.

6) Your town must be at least 400-500 blocks away from any other town, if it goes below, you're out.#

* These residents must not have a large part in another town, otherwise they will have to step down.

** As long as the town is not considered legitimate, the town will not exist for RP purposes. Nor will the town be able to work towards increasing technology. The group making the town will need to RP about 1-2 weeks within their town, and then 1-2 weeks in other towns, establishing the town with other town governments.

# This rule is for beginning a town. Although it is not very wise, you could expand pass the 400 block mark. If another town complains, border disputes will be settled through RP for fun. If the situation turns hostile, the area will be signed up for RP deconstruction.


- During the 2-4 weeks, the server officials will be discussing if the town should be considered to become legitimate.
- If your town is accepted, then a town information thread must be made and stickied. ( )
- Once posted, it will be stickied.
- It will be the town's responsibility to construct, and maintain, the new town's road.
- The town can now work towards gaining technology.

Failure to comply to these rules will result in the town's loss of recognition and it's possible destruction.

These rules are subject to change. All changes will be announced.

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